Iterative Scopes is pioneering development of AI-driven computational tools in gastroenterology, a field that has not yet benefited from advanced precision medicine technologies.  The aim is to improve GI drug development and clinical care.


Computer vision is a branch of artificial intelligence that allows computers to analyze and interpret digital images and videos.

Three main techniques within the field of computer-vision include:

  • ​Detection – Determining when an object is present in an image / video

  • Localization – Defining where exactly an object is with an image / video

  • Segmentation – Classification of where an object is at the pixel level

The company is applying these techniques to endoscopy videos that assist physicians in comprehensively documenting all the relevant clinical features that exist for a patient.


Using multi-modality datasets obtained through exclusive partnerships and research collaborations, Iterative Scopes is aggregating the leading training data repository, forming the foundation of its software algorithms. This software fits seamlessly into existing clinical workflows to support physician decision making and clinical trial acceleration.

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